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Property Management Services

These are the services we offer.

1.      Finding a tenant for you. This includes aggressive advertising of your rental.

2.      Screening the potential tenants and doing a background check.

3.     Drafting and obtaining a Lease Agreement and providing a copy Delaware Landlord-Tenant Code to the potential tenant.

4.     Collecting the first month’s rent and security deposit.

5.      Marketing to all other Realtors in the community and offering a co-broke to them.

6.      Photographing and building web advertising of your home.

7.      For this service the fee is the first month’s rent, only to be collected when a tenant is produced.

8.      This also includes receiving all calls from tenants and finding resolutions.

9.      Initial assessment of maintenance calls. (15 years as a Custom Home Builder)

10.      Offering full services of any needed repairs with the ability to save you money.

11.      Make collection calls if needed.

12.      Providing electronic payment of rents collected.

13.      Obtaining a rent to own deal if you have any interest in that.

14.      If a sales contract is desired all Realtor related service for the transaction for a 5% sales commission if current tenant buys home.

John Welcome is a real estate agent in Delaware offering property management services to both Residential Clients and Commercial Clients.

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