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Why Choose John?

Why choose John Welcome as your Realtor?

When placing a home or commercial property on the market with a Realtor there are some things that can help you decide who to list with and why to choose them.

1. How many people a day will be looking at your home?

2. Will your Realtor be placing your home in the MLS so that thousands of other realtors can also bring buyers for your home?

3. Will your Realtor create brochures in a box in front of your home?

4. Will your Realtor build a web presentation of your home?

5. Is your Realtor an effective negotiator that will represent your best interest in the transaction?

6. How well does your Realtor know their product?

7. Will your Realtor respond quickly to inquiries on purchasing your home? Even if they are not from the same firm.

8. Is the Realtor desperate to get your listing? 

 When you choose me as your Realtor this is what you can expect. 

1. Hundreds of potential buyers a day will see photos of your home inside and out.

2. I always cooperate with all other Realtors as this is in the best interest of my clients.

3. We create attractive brochures to go into a weather proof box out front of the home for people who want a closer look but need a little help deciding.

4. We take clear, attractive pictures of your home and build a web presentation.

5. With many years as a Custom Home Builder, negotiation is something that I am comfortable with and gladly lend my expertise to my clients.

6. Any concerns that potential buyers present about the home can be addressed accurately because of product knowledge gained through being a builder.

7. I carry my cell phone and answer it. I try to make myself available for every inquiry that could produce a sale for my clients.

8. I am willing to work hard to bring the best and highest offer to my clients. I feel very good about always placing my client’s needs above my own. 

I welcome the opportunity to serve you by bringing your home to the front of the marketplace.